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 Access to world-class R&D capabilities

● Participation in generic R&D programmes, with shared costs and riskss

● Access to training and quality programmes

● Networking opportunities with companies along the supply chain

● Industry recognition through association with a world-class centre of excellence

● Free of charge

Dyndrite Incorporated

Country UK

CEO Gareth Morgan 

Main Business Shafts, rotatives, airfoils, bearings, gears, prismatics 

Target Sector Aerospace, Green Energy, Shipbuilding&Marine

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Dyndrite Incorporated

Country USA

CEO Harshil Goel 

Main Business GPU Accelerated Engine Software, APIs and GUI software 

Target Sector Aerospace 

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Lucideon Group

Country UK

CEO Anthony Kinsella 

Main Business Materials development, testing and consulting 

Target Sector Aerospace, Green Energy 

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i3D Robotics

Country UK

CEO  Nicholas Bantin 

Main Business 3D Machine Vision, Robotics

Target Sector Green Energy 

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