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HD Eng

City Ulsan

CEO Kim Myung Ho

Products Pump repair and maintenance and engineering service

Target Sector Energy, Shipbuilding/Marine

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City Daegu

CEO Kim Man Gu

Products 3D Printer 

Target Sector ICT

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Hwasin Precision

City Chilgok

CEO Kim Hyo Geun

Products Parts for automobile’s power-train - Transmission Part, Axle Ass’y 

Target Sector Automotive

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City Gyeongju

CEO Jang Cheol

Products IoT, Cloud Service, PLM

Target Sector ICT

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City Gyeongsan

CEO Koo Jun Mo

Products Cold Die/Hot Stamping 

Target Sector Automotive 

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City Ulsan

CEO Kim Won Bae

Products Front pads, Bearings, Nozzles

Target Sector Shipbuilding/Marine, Automotive

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Imsung Tech

City Daejeon

CEO Kim Jae Cheol

Products Transmitter

Target Sector Automotive, ICT, Energy, Cheimaical/Material

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City Ulsan

CEO Kim Hak Soo

Products Energy storage material and system development

Target Sector Cheimaical/Material, Energy 

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Jeongil Eng 

City Ulsan

CEO Lee Jong Sik

Products Steel moulding, JIG, CF

Target Sector Automotive

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Jeongwoo Industrial Machine 

City Cheonan

CEO Hwang Yunha

Products Condenser Tube Cleaning System & Debris Filter 

Target Sector Energy

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JinYoung TBX

City Changwon

CEO Kim Joon Seop

Products Turbine blades, diaphragm

Target Sector Aerospace, Energy, Shipbuilding/Marine

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City Ulsan

CEO Lee Su Yeon

Products 3D printer

Target Sector Shipbuilding/Marine, Automotive

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